Fischers's Lil Pups
Fischers's Lil Pups

Wonderful Puppy
I purchased my little biewer girl from Joyce in December 2020. She is a wonderful little girl and very smart and sweet. She learned so much in a short time. Everyone that had seen her comments on how beautiful she is. Joyce is always there for you with any questions you have before and after you receive your bundle of joy. I would differently recommend her if you are looking for a biewer puppy.

Diane, January 30, 2021


Sweet Biewer Girl!
Purchased a Biewer pup from Joyce in January 2021. Joyce was awesome! Kept in constant contact with me before and after we got our little Tink. She gave us a nice puppy care package, and offered advice for care of the puppy. You can tell she loves each puppy! I also liked the fact that you had to fill out an application to acquire a puppy...shows she cares. I would highly recommend Joyce Fischer, and we luv our little Tink! Thank you Joyce for trusting us with one of your fur babies

Kim, January 29, 2021


Adorable Biewer Boy!
We purchased a Biewer from Joyce a few months ago & we are absolutely in love and obsessed with the little guy! We have found the breed to be wonderful. He has an amazing personality that is humorous, affectionate, and so agreeable. He loves to be cuddled & wants to be right with you at all times. Loves people & everyone who meets him loves him. We thought we wanted a female since we had two female dogs in the past. Joyce told us males are wonderful, loyal & affectionate and she was absolutely correct! He is the best! What a great companion to have around especially during this pandemic & staying at home. Joyce was so great and helpful. You can tell she loves animals & it shows in how well adjusted & sociable her puppies are.. She provides a great care package to take your puppy home with & answers any questions you may have. We would recommend her & the Biewer breed highly.

Deb, May 26, 2020


Best Puppy Ever!!!!
Contacted Joyce looking for a girl. Only boys were available. So happy we went to see them anyways! It was love at first site with our little guy. He NEVER barks, is the calmest puppy ever, squats down to pee- doesn’t lift his leg (something we were worried about with a boy,) is so easy to train (pee pad trained when we got him). He loves to snuggle and be held. We take him everywhere to socialize him. Sleeps in his travel case in the car. Strangers comment how adorable he is. Joyce will send you home with food, blanket and bed that she makes, vitamins and even toys. Excellent experience all around. Back to the boy versus girl question- We have found our little boy puppy to be more sweet, loving, calm, and affectionate than any girl dog we have owned. He is so attached to us, staying at our heals, wanting to be held and loved all the time. He is smart as can be too.

Chet, May 2, 2020


Perfect Puppy
Joyce loves the puppies she raises as it shows in their sweet, calm, and confident personality. My Biewer is the sweetest dog that ever entered my life. All the love and care Joyce gave him made him the confident, loving dog he is!

Tina, April 21, 2020


Love my Biewer from Joyce
Joyce is a very nice and knowledgeable lady. She tells you everything about the breed, what to do, what not to do. Gives you a goody bag with items to start with so you don't have to stop on way home for anything (even a bed). She makes you feel comfortable to be able to call later for questions about your puppy. Excellent Breeder she really cares about her puppies!!

Pam, May 29, 2019


Beautiful puppy!
Purchased a male biewer puppy yesterday and couldn't be happier with him! Not only is he gorgeous, but he is very smart, sweet, loving and friendly. Very well socialized too. Joyce is a pleasure to deal with and you won't be disappointed in her high quality puppies.

Karen, October 14, 2018


We love our Fozzie Bear!
I would highly recommend getting a Biewer puppy from Joyce. We had a great experience overall! Joyce is so nice and when you meet her you can tell how much she loves her dogs. They are well taken care of and very socialized. We went up several times to visit Fozzie before we got to bring him home and she was always so nice for allowing us to come see him as much as we did. She’s always willing to answer questions even after we brought him home, I was texting her and she would check in to see how he was doing. My husband and I love our Fozzie Bear he has such a great personality and fits our family perfectly!

Jana, September 23, 2018


Sweet Godiva
I had been searching the web for my perfect puppy for over 6 months. I saw the Biewer Terriers and fell in love. I found the one I was looking for at Fischer's Lil' Kennel. I spoke to Joyce and she was so helpful answering all my questions. My pup is just so happy and adorable. She checked out great at the vet and is completely healthy. Joyce cares about her pups and follows up on how they are doing once they go home. I am very happy.

Sandra, September 12, 2018


Highly recommended! You won’t be disappointed!!!
This is my fifth toy dog so I am not a newbie. What I will tell you about Joyce is that she is absolutely the breeder to go to. She is awesome. She truly cares about these little darlings while they are in her care, but after your purchase, she checks up on them to see how they are adjusting. You can tell that she truly loves what she does. My little Biewer is the absolute best toy breed that I had. I had for the past 25 years, Yorkies and Maltese, both male and females and I will always recommend the Biewers over any breed, especially Joyce’s babies! I brought her home and the first night she slept through the entire night. I owe this to Joyce’s business model that she sends home things with you at your purchase that the puppy will be able to sleep with that are familiar smells to them. Sounds funny, but it worked like a charm! I would only ever buy another puppy from Joyce, hands down! She awesome!

Frances, August 22, 2018


Joyce is the only person to buy a dog from!
If you are thinking about getting a dog and want a dog that has started off on the right foot, with love and care and attention, you are in the right place with Joyce. I have purchased two Biewer puppies from Joyce in the last two years. They both came to me confident and happy due to Joyce's care. Joyce is very easy to work with and she is very kind and trustworthy. Joyce gave our pup a big kiss and hug goodbye and even followed up for a couple of days after to make sure all was well. I consider Joyce a friend now and will frequently text her pictures because I know she wants to know how her fur babies are doing. Have no fear when buying from Joyce. You are definitely in the right place!

Christina, July 12, 2018


Biewer breeder
My husband and I adopted a Biewer puppy from Joyce Fischer one month ago. We could not be happier with our puppy or Joyce as a breeder. Our puppy was healthy and happy and well socialized thanks to Joyce. I would highly recommend Fischer’s Lil Kennels to anyone looking for a wonderful Biewer.

Cindy, November 3, 2017


Brewster the Biewer is AWESOME!!!!!!
Brewster is outgoing and well socialized. We are very happy to have him in our family. Joyce was great in answering all our questions and in letting us visit with our pup as long as needed to make our decision. Would definitely buy another pup from Fischer's Lil' Kennels!

Susan, August 24, 2017


Heart felt thanks!
I decided to go with Joyce for my biewer pup after reading her reviews and how satisfied everyone was with their pup. Everything that has been said about her and her puppies is completely true. You should have no worries if you purchase a biewer from her. Bailey is the nicest of pups and loves being with me and also my other dogs. He was socialized well with Joyce's grand kids and that has helped his personality so much. He loves everyone, is brave, confident, fierce (even when the cat is bigger than him) and the happiest little guy I have ever known. Such joy brought to my life by a 3lb little munchkin. Have no doubts, get a little guy/gal from Joyce to bring a super wonderful addition to your family!

Connie, August 16, 2017


Puppy Perfection

We couldn't be happier with our baby Biewer Ezme and our experience with Joyce. We were kept UTD with the puppy's progress from the very beginning and received regular photos and updates. We were welcome with open arms to visit her twice before coming home. All her animals look happy, healthy, clean and well-loved and it showed with a very well-adjusted girl when she came home! I would recommend this breeder in a hearbeat! Thank you Fischers!!!

Hilari, July 26, 2016


baby boy channing

I had such a wonderfull experience,purchasing my new baby biewer,what great dog,we couldnt be happier.i can say that the Fishers lil kennel has top quality puppies. i highly recommend them,and i would buy from them agian

Debbie, February 22, 2016


Well worth the drive and the money

I ran across Joyce's website for her breeding, grooming and kennel care. I wanted to go through her to get my puppy. She just so happen to have one Biewer puppy remaining and I took a leap of faith that I was making the right decision to spend all this money and drive 3 hours from my home. My puppy is just about 1 year old and every single day I think about how buying him raised my quality of life to a new height. He makes me smile the moment I walk in the door. Joyce was wonderful to work with. She is very straight forward and you can really tell she cares about these puppies and wants them to go to a great home. She trains these puppies so that they are potty pad trained or trained to pee outside. My puppy has great listening skills and follows directions when given. He is easy to groom too because she trained him how to act when he needs brushing and bathing. If I ever move toward the direction of getting another puppy they will be a Biewer and they will hopefully be from joyce.

Maggie, January 6, 2016


Wonderful Biewer

I'm writing this review to thank Joyce for breeding such a wonderful little biewer puppy. We knew we wanted a biewer terrier but I was very nervious about handling this online. Joyce was exceptional and very professional. When we finally picked up our little boy at the end of May 2014, we were so happy to see how socialized and healthy (lil napoleon) now called Cliffy was. He is an absolute joy and wonderful addition to our family. Thank you Joyce!

Christine, April 19, 2015


Great Breeder

I picked my little chihuahua, Bruce Wayne, up a few months ago. He is absolutely amazing. He is the sweetest, well-behaved little man. He came home pee pad trained (which is great) and has had barely any accidents. He only barks when he's "protecting" me. Everyone is surprised he's not a "typical yappy chi". I can't stress how calm and sweet he is. Thank you again!!

Michelle, January 18, 2015


Highly recommend!!!

I picked up my "Gracie" from Joyce almost one week ago and she is AWESOME! I absolutely love her!! Joyce is very knowledgeable about the breed and so lovely to work with. You can tell that she loves her dogs and takes super great care of them. She's very thorough with every answer to any of your questions. Gracie is healthy, happy and just wonderful in every way. That can only happen when a puppy has a good start! Gracie is smart, well adjusted and gorgeous! I recommend Joyce and her puppies without hesitation!

Camilynn, January 17, 2015



We just recently drove from Ohio to Pennsylvania (6 hours one direction) to pick up our sweet little Cooper. He is a 5 month old Biewer Yorkie and he is the Sweetest little baby! He's already sleeping beside my son at night and loves cuddles, kisses and playing with his toys. We are so happy that we added this little sweetie to our family. Thank you Joyce. He is perfect for us!

Martie, December 15, 2014


My Handsome Biewers Puppies Riley and Skye

I cannot say enough good things about Joyce. We were so excited to meet her and our new babies. From the moment we spoke I got a great feeling about her. Joyce kept us posted weekly with pictures and videos of my handsome boys. They are happy and healthy and are adjusting to their new enviorment. You can tell they were pamapered because they are so loving. Joyce you have become to my daughter and I a friend we were lucky enough to meet when we were looking to get Biewer puppies. Thank you. You have a home and friends in sunny Miami.

Angela, October 15, 2014


Japanese Chin

I recently got my Japanese Chin from Fischer's Lil' Kennels and he's a little bundle of joy. Healthy, happy, and very playful little boy. All the dogs at Fischer's looked happy, healthy, and well socialized. My experience with this breeder was excellent and I highly recommend her.

Gena, September 2, 2014



Wonderful lady, so glad I met her and got Mozart from her, she answered all my questions and concerns, amazingly she had a certain puppy that she thought would be a perfect fit for me and she was correct, we bonded immediately, I would definitely buy another puppy from her

Michaelle, April 8, 2014


Best thing I did !!

I got a Biewer puppy from Joyce 2 months ago. He is very intelligent and sweet, if I had to do it again I would buy another dog from Joyce.

Jean, November 23, 2012


Great Biewer

I bought a fantasitc Briewer with a fantastic personality off of Joyce. Would highly recommend buying a pup from her. her pups are well loved and well socialized.

lana, April 3, 2012


Little Maize
My husband and I purchased a female Yorkie from Fisher's Lil' Kennels. We were very impressed with the kennels and the owner. She is fitting in just fine. When we got her home she starting using her puppy pads right away (couple of just misses- but she is learning). She is 90% puppy pad trained. She is very intelligent and is already following commands like 'come' when her name is called. She sees something once and has it all figured out. My husband states 'we never had dog that is this loving' and we have had many dogs. I will definitely go back to Fisher's Lil' Kennels if I ever want another dog and will highly recommed Fisher's to others.
Susan, March 4, 2011

My Golden Ginger
My Golden Retriever, Ginger is now 3 1/2 and I couldn't imagine my life without her. Ginger was my first dog, ever and I'm not really a "dog person" as they say....You see, Joyce is my sister. What a surprise when on Mother's Day over 3 1/2 yrs, ago she put a warm, beautiful, squirming, 12 week old Golden Retriever in my arms. What can I say? It was love at first sight. Ginger has turned out to be the most loyal, sweet, loving dog. Even growing up Joyce was always the animal lover in the family. One time she even brought home six baby opossums whose mother had been hit by a car. She bottle fed those opossums until they were big enough to be on their own. They followed her around like she was their mother. What more can said about a woman who has a heart like that? I am proud of my little sister and the joy she brings in people's lives by breeding beautiful dogs. You won't be sorry. Thank you Joyce, for Ginger. She changed my life. I love you......Val
Valerie, September 12, 2010

We traveled to Fredericksburg to checkout puppies on puppyfind, we wanted a breeding pair, and fell in love with Evita and Darlin at first sight. Joyce was very helpful giving us lots of information on care and the background of Biewers. we were very pleased with the puppies and Joyce. Keep on makin' people and these precious puppies happy!
CAROLE, April 27, 2010

Excellent Chihuahua and Breeder!
I bought a 4-month-old female long-haired Chihuahua Saturday 1/16/10. She is in excellent condition, litter/pad trained, very well-socialized, excellent personality, doesn't bark or fuss at night-best puppy I have ever had. She is a real sweetheart! Thank-You! Laurie
Laurie, January 20, 2010

Follows thru with everything.....great puppies
I bought 2 biewers from Joyce. She is very easy to work with. The puppies are everything Joyce said about them. I would buy puppies from her again. She helps me with all my questions, as biewers are a new breed for me. She can use me as a referance if she wants. Thanks, Michele
Michele, September 23, 2009

Joyce is fantastic
I bought a toy poodle puppy from JOyce a few days ago and it was a real joy to work with her. She takes very good care of her dogs and the ones that she boards. Her place is very clean and all of the dogs were in good shape-all groomed and healthy looking. I love the little girl I got as does my husband. You can tell she has been very well taken care of and loved. I would reccommend this breeder to everyone.
Rhoda, July 10, 2009

Excellent Caring Breeder
Our experience with Joyce was a very positive one. She was recommended by our friends who were buying a Shepoo at the time. She let use hold and interact with the puppies and we were never rushed. We adopted a beautiful long coated Chihuahua named Chloe. She was clean (freshly groomed), very healthy and well bred. All of her dogs are well socialized which is very important for small breeds such as Chihuahuas. She's our third long coated chihuahua and she's adapting well to her new home. I highly recommend Joyce.
Mark, May 25, 2009

Thank You Joyce for Our Little Girl, Zoey!
I'd like to express my Thanks and Gratitude to Joyce for the Quick and Excellent Communication when we contacted her. We have a 1 year old Yorkie, and I explained to Joyce that we were looking for a companion for him. She was nice enough to let us bring him along to see how he would get along with the puppies! He enjoyed being able to play with them all. Joyce made all of Us feel very comfortable, and take all the time we needed to play and interact with each puppy! She never rushed us, and answered every question/concern we had! Joyce really knows her Business! When we brought Zoey home, Joyce put the cutest Bow in her hair, and even gave our little guy a Bandana for Easter. Feel free to contact me if you'd like further details on our experience. I can't say enough Great Things about our Experience with Joyce! The best part is, we brought Friends of Ours along with us for the visit, They immediately purchased one of Joyce's new liter of Chihuaha's! Again, Highly Recommend!
Debbie, April 26, 2009

I wanted to surprise my husband with a Golden puppy for Christmas, but was nervous about beginning to work with a breeder from an on-line site. But what a great experience! Joyce was FANTASTIC answering all my questions either by email or by phone. She was fun to talk to and was very happy to share her wealth of knowledge with us. We picked up our little puppy girl the weekend before Christmas and the rest is history! My husband named her Bourbon because of her beautiful coat and color. She is such a sweetheart in personality and such a gorgeous dog. We have people stop all the time to comment on her. Bourbon is very intelligent, extremely lovable, and very loving. I wouldn't expect anything less from someone who obviously loves and cares for her pups with such enthusiasm. Thank you Joyce for everything!!!! Maria and Joe
M, March 24, 2009

great puppy
Seller was very friendly and happy to answer any questions about the puppy and his care (before and after sale). Puppy was very clean and healthy when I went to get him. He is fitting in very well with my cats and his new home. Apart from being a little shy in his nature, he was well socialized with various people and other pets.
katherine, February 18, 2009

Couldnt have asked for better!!
I bought my golden from Joyce from her latest litter of pups. his name is Jameson and he is now 10 weeks old and I love him to pieces. He is the best dog ever. She really knows what shes doing and is NOT in any way a puppy mill. Her dogs are wonderful and raised as they should be. Im sure her next litter will be just as wonderful. Thanks Joyce for such a wonderful gift!!! -Rachael-
Rachael, December 22, 2008

Review on Cream and White
I just purchased a 5 month old Chihuahua from this breeder and had an excellent experience. We are now the proud owners of a healthy, happy and well-adjusted long haired male Chihuahua. When researching puppies through the Puppy Find website, this breeder promptly answered all my questions (not just via email but over the phone) and was very accommodating by meeting me at a location closer to my home so I could see the dog in person before paying for him. He is such a joy and after having him checked out at the vet, he has proven to be in excellent health.
Nancy, November 16, 2008

puppy purchase
I want you let you know how pleased I am with the Chihuahua puppy I purchased from you. Toby checked out healthy and was well socialized. He has made a wonderful addition to our family. Thank you Roberta Kohan
Roberta, July 5, 2008

Love my puppy from Joyce!
I adopted a gorgeous 4 month old Japanese Chin puppy from Joyce recently and am extremely pleased! The puppy was clean, happy, and well groomed when I picked him up. Joyce has great puppies and was great to speak with throughout the process. She also made sure to follow up, showing true concern for the well being of her puppies. Highly recommended!
Amanda, January 27, 2008

Excellent Breeder !!!
After buying two different breeds of dogs from "backyard breeders", each with there own problems after bringing them home. My vet finally recommended Joyce Fischer to me. From the first telephone conversatiion, I knew that Joyce was the person I wanted to deal with. She is very, very experienced, knowledgable, caring and understanding. With every question about the breed I had, Joyce had the answer. So, in May 2007, I purchased my first chin from Joyce. Then, in July I went back to buy another. I could not have had a better experience. Her kennels are very clean and very well maintained. Her dogs and puppies(which are like her babies) are well socialized and extremely well cared for. I have recommended Joyce to everyone I know. I will always be thankful to Joyce for all of her help(Knowledge) she has given to me. I also look forward to buying another chin from her in the future.

Katrina, September 7, 2007